16 Jul 2021 Business Insights

Where Should You Tell Your Customers to Visit This Year?

Confidence in travel is returning, with an increasing number of people getting vaccinated to protect them from Covid. It means that those with two shots will no longer need to quarantine when arriving back from amber-listed countries, which is huge news and offers a significant boost to the travel industry.

But where should you tell your customers to visit for the remainder of 2021? As a travel brand, you have the power to inform and educate about the best places to visit. Which is why we’ve put this guide together, looking at some of the holiday destinations that should be on the top of the agenda for holidaymakers this year.

Stay local 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

Even with millions of people receiving both shots of their Covid vaccine, many holidaymakers will decide to vacation close to home – at least during the summer months. The appetite for foreign travel is increasing, but holidaying in the UK is an easier task for many right now.

Therefore, you have an opportunity to promote domestic getaways, with destinations like the Cotswolds, the Lake District and Dorset all likely to prove in demand with bookers in the coming months.

Staycations in the UK are estimated to account for £31bn. Making them part of your summer plans will be a savvy move for anyone who wants to go on holiday but isn’t quite ready to board a plane again.

The typical European destinations? 🏖️

The usual contenders will likely be the destinations of choice for those who are ready to jet off to foreign lands. Spain, Greece, Portugal – expect to see an appetite for holidays in these countries.

Since quarantine was scrapped for those with two jabs, bookings abroad have surged. Airline EasyJet reported a 400% increase in bookings, with countries like Spain leading the way. British Airways noted a 96% increase in travel bookings just hours after the quarantine rules were relaxed.

Now is the time to double down on promoting travel abroad, as consumers find their appetite for travel and the industry recovers from Covid. A double summer combination of domestic and nearby European trips could just spring your customers into action and book a late summer holiday in one of their favourite destinations.

City breaks? 🌆

With consumers ready to travel again, you can start thinking about holidays past the summer months and look towards autumn and winter. Historically, these times of the year have been popular for city breaks, so now the right mood could be ideal for getting people excited about discovering new cities.

Places like Berlin, Amsterdam and Madrid are all easy to get to and will be on the minds of customers who are thinking about holidays past the summer months. City breaks tend to be shorter holidays, and it will be interesting to see what the appetite is like for a few days away post-Covid.

While promoting a city break might not seem like the obvious choice right now, it could be a savvy move. Cities are generally quieter than usual, offering holidaymakers a unique chance to discover beautiful European destinations without huge swathes of tourists causing long queues for landmarks and attractions.

Further afield? ✈️

Long-haul destinations might be the last type of holiday to recover from Covid, though there are some positive signs already. A growing number of travellers have hinted at a desire to enjoy longer trips away as they participate in revenge travel against Covid.

There’s a growing desire to visit far-flung destinations and stay there for long. And with climate differences on the other side of the world, there could be a surge in demand for this type of holiday during the winter months as people look for sunnier shores.

As a travel brand, you can generate excitement about people visiting places they’ve never been to before. Or reconnect them with other parts of the globe that have been typically hard to reach during the pandemic. These types of holidays tend to be more expensive, but with flexible finance options, you can empower your customers to go on the holidays they’ve always wanted to take.

Finding the right travel destinations for your customers

There’s no denying that holidays are back on the agenda, and travel brands across the UK have a great opportunity to increase their bottom lines with the right type of trips for their audience. Fortunately, the globe is opening back up, and now is a great time to remind your customers of all the great places to visit, whether it’s somewhere close to home in the UK or thousands of miles away in an exotic destination.