21 Mar 2022 Business Insights

How to Prioritise Your Audience as a Travel Brand

Prioritisation and personalisation are necessary for travel brands to win more customers and build a profile. It’s the same with every business, but the market is exceptionally competitive and requires savvy marketing efforts when it comes to travelling. But how do you do it? That’s what we’re looking at in this guide, which shows you how to prioritise and connect with your audience.

Knowing your audience 👋

Having a thorough understanding of your audience can be the difference between gaining and losing a customer.  And while you all know the importance of prioritising your audience, turning insights into action can prove slightly more tricky.

Personalisation is key, especially in today’s landscape where everyone wants content created for their interests. With the following tips, you can make your audience feel like they’re priority number one in your eyes and win over new customers.

Create focused content ✏️

You don’t need to speak directly to every person to offer personalised services and strike a chord. Creating things like blog posts, newsletters, social media interactions, and ebooks is a smart way to engage with them using focused content that solves their pain points.

It might come in the form of guides for travel destinations or a list of things holidaymakers should remember before going away. By focusing your efforts on specific content that helps travellers, you’re positioning yourself as an expert while speaking to each reader directly in a way that feels more personalised.

Research conduct surveys and talk to locals 💬

Find out what makes travellers tick. What are their aspirations, fears and thoughts about going on holiday? Think about running local surveys, asking people specific questions about their previous holiday experience, booking with travel agents and their overall thoughts about purchasing and going on holidays.

Not only will it show that you care about helping them, but it also provides an opportunity to get better insights into your customers and potential customers. That type of data is invaluable and can help you craft customer personas that shape your future marketing efforts.

Empower them 💪

Making people feel involved is always a savvy move and one that can pay dividends if done right. We previously wrote about how you can implement user-generated content to engage with your audience, and it’s a surefire way to make them feel valued.

It’s also worth running competitions and encouraging them to participate with your travel brand. The prizes don’t even need to be expensive or luxurious; it’s more about getting that two-way interaction going. Both UGC and competitions can help empower audiences and build a strong relationship that works both ways.

Work with the partners 🤝

There’s no better way to tap into a larger customer than by partnering with brands that already cater to your target audience’s needs. For example, Fly Now Pay Later offers flexible payments that empower customers to purchase the holidays they really want.

By offering aspects like alternative payment methods, you’re showing that you understand the modern-day needs of your customers. And by giving them flexible ways to pay spread over a set amount of payments, you can reduce checkout drop off and friction to offer a seamless and smart way for your customers to go on holidays.

Priority number one

Providing personalised services to customers is becoming increasingly important, especially for travel brands who want to take their business to the next level. The travel community is strong, and your audience will feel like they’re a priority with your brand and look to you the next time they want to book a holiday.