18 Mar 2021 Travel Inspiration

Where to Find the Best Theme Parks

Once travel restrictions are lifted, everyone can start booking their first post-Covid holiday. Some will head straight to the beach to laze the days away; others will explore the great outdoors and maybe even head into a city. Then there are the adventurers who want to experience the thrill of a theme park.

If you happen to be one of those people then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of the best theme parks around the world so that you can find one whether you’re in Europe, the USA or another far-flung destination.

Walt Disney World Resort 🐭

The granddaddy of them all, the Walt Disney World Resort is located in Florida, USA and provides plenty of fun and thrills. There are four parks to explore: The Magic Kingdom with its iconic Space Mountain Ride; Epcot, which features Future World and World Showcase; Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where you’ll find everything Star Wars related; and Animal Kingdom with its wild animals and high-speed rides.

Alton Towers 🇬🇧

The UK’s number one theme park just so happens to be one of the best in the world. Alton Towers features a range of rides that will get your heartbeat racing. The only way is down on Oblivion, feel the speed on The Smiler and lose yourself on Nemesis.

SeaWorld Orlando 🌊

Make a splash at SeaWorld Orlando with a ton of attractions that will keep you coming back for more. This Florida theme park is the place to go for energetic rides like Mako, Slimey’s Slider and the Kraken, which is described as a “monster ride like no other”. There’s also animal experiences and sealife shows, just in case you want something more low key. But we all know the reason you’re really going.

Tivoli Gardens 💐

Step back in time at Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that first opened over 150 years ago in 1843. Located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, Tivoli Gardens has plenty of rides and games to explore, as well as musicals, gardens and it even hosts major concerts.

Universal Orlando Resort 🤖

Head to Orlando to visit one of the world’s most famous resorts. Spread over three parks, Universal Resort sees more than 10-million visitors per year and is jam-packed with things to do over its three parks. Universal Studios Florida has attractions based on popular TV programmes and movies, such as Harry Potter, Transformers, The Simpsons and more. While Islands of Adventure features adrenaline-filled experiences with rides like the Jurassic Park River Adventure. And Volcano Bay is a place where lava meets water.

Ferrari World 🏎️

Most people think of the UAE as the Land of Sand, but it’s also got a great theme park in the form of Ferrari World. Located in Abu Dhabi, this popular attraction lets you feel like a Ferrari driver with blistering rides that will get you craving the need for speed.

Siam Park ⛱️

Who said Spain was just about sun, sea and sangrias? Siam Park is located in Tenerife and offers a range of rip-roaring rides such as Vulcano, Tower or Power, Singha and more. There’s also a family area and places to relax, such as Mai Thai Beach.

Warner Bros. Movie World 🦇

Down Under in Australia is where you will find Warner Bros. Movie World, a theme park based on classic movie characters. Embrace your inner Batman with the Batwing Spaceshot ride, or fly high with the Superman Escape. Meet all your favourite characters on the Goldcoast, from DC superheroes to Scooby-Doo and more.

Nagashima Spa Land 🐉

Located in Japan, Nagashima Spa Land has everything from pulsating rides to electrifying roller coasters. There’s even a Ferris wheel and water park to enjoy during your trip. But the real reason everyone visits is to experience Steel Dragon 2000, the longest roller coaster in the world.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 🏖️

Blackpool has quite a reputation. And while it’s not exactly the Las Vegas of North England, there are 24-hour parties and many nightclubs and casinos. There’s also a popular theme park. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK and has been a tourist favourite since the late 1900s. It has rides like The Big One, which used to be the largest roller coaster in the world.

Thorpe Park 🙀

Another UK gem, Thorpe Park is just a hop and skip away from London and offers a range of great rides that will excite and exhilarate. Hop on Stealth and feel the speed as you go from 0 to 80mph in under two seconds. Or try Saw – The Ride, if you dare.

Disneyland Paris 🇫🇷

It’s Disney with a French twist, so get yourself down to Disneyland Paris and experience Mickey and friends in Europe. There are two parks for you to discover: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The former is all about the quintessential Disney experience, while the latter is your chance to sample the worlds of Disney and Pixar with 4D races and mind-boggling rides.


Holland’s largest theme park is often referred to as The World of Wonders, but it’s known as Efteling to the locals. A range of roller coasters will leave the hairs standing on the back of your neck, such as Joris en Draak, a thrilling wooden roller coaster. Efteling is a great place to visit for all ages, with spectacular park shows that will impress the entire family.

The best theme parks in the world 🎢

Which theme park do you plan on visiting when travel returns to normal? Will you head straight to Disneyland Paris, experience the theme parks of the USA or stay close to home with a trip to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park? Whether you go, there’s a thrilling ride waiting for you.