25 Mar 2021 Travel Inspiration

The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Travel Inspiration

We might not be able to travel just yet, but there are a myriad of Instagram accounts out there whetting our appetite for when holidays return. It’s just a case of knowing which ones to follow for some serious travel inspiration.

Instagram’s visual aspect gives it an advantage over other social media accounts when it comes to travel-related content. And we’ve put a list together of the best people to follow for travel inspiration, whether you’re into city breaks, beach holidays or remote getaways. 📷


The award-winning bloggers, Mark and Miranda, are a Budapest-based couple with more than 53k followers. Scroll through the account to see the couple’s amazing holiday pics, whether it’s from their wedding in Nepal or the delights of Turkey.


Anne Cui’s Instagram feed is so well put together that she could probably succeed in interior design. The stylish account might not feature furniture, but it’s a collection of expertly crafted travel photos showcasing electric visuals of architectural beauties along the Spanish coast and eye-catching pictures of California. Plus, a whole lot more.


Paulo del Valle Is a Brazilian travel photographer who tells stories with pictures that make you wish you were there. Photos capture varied landscapes, stunning architecture and all the finer details, bringing you a sense of wanderlust that will make you start planning your next trip.


With 30k-plus followers, Lauren is an American based in Holland who has a knack for taking fantastic travel photos. Follow her journeys on her Instagram page as she focuses on solo female travel in countries like Spain, Italy, and the UK.


The Travel Project is brought to you by Charlie and Jess, two adventurers from London who are currently based in Costa Rica. They started travelling in 2016 and never stopped, going on adventure after adventure and capturing landscapes, animal encounters and life through the eyes of locals. Check out the page for some great snaps of Scotland, Costa Rica, Morocco and more.


Join Liz Carlson’s 200k followers for travel pics that will have you booking your flight asap. Her gallery features pics from just about everywhere in the world, from Northern Ireland to Mutora. Originally from New Zealand, Liz has embraced travel as a lifestyle and captured some majestic shots along her different journeys.


Yvonne is a solo traveller from Germany whose Instagram account features many great shots of her getaways to other countries. From the colours of Brazil to skyscrapers of New York, she’s curated a page that instantly makes you want to travel. There are also some great shots of cities in her home country, such as Frankfurt and Hamburg.


With 2.6 million followers, it’s safe to say that Jack Morris has us all feeling inspired by his travel images. Born in Manchester, Jack travels with his Australian partner Lauren, and they’ve both gone on to become an Instagram power couple with magical images of Bali, the UAE, Hong Kong and Ajmer.


There’s plenty of colour on Trey Ratcliff’s page, whether it’s the mountains of New Zealand or the canals of Venice. He really does capture the imagination with his shots, and it’s easy to see why this influencer is so highly regarded. Just ask his 180k followers, who take inspiration from a gallery of stunning travel snaps.


Oivind Haug is a Scandinavian photographer who shoots stories for Conde Nast Traveller. That means he gets to travel to a range of sought-after destinations, capturing fantastic travel photos and delightful dishes from all around the world.


Hugo and Cristina are a Portuguese couple sharing their travelling experiences with the world. You’ll find images of the Kasagh River on their account, not to mention snaps of Bern, glaciers in Iceland, mosques in Abu Dhabi and much, much more.


Carley Rudd is another professional photographer who has built up a large following on Instagram. Her account has 116k followers, and she racks up those likes with calming photos that capture the serenity of travel. Her images are minimalist with a muted palette, and her eye for stunning architecture has seen Carley take pics of buildings in Italy, Santorini in Greece and Portugal.

Follow your travel desires

Any of the accounts on this list will get you dreaming of days away, exploring new countries and cultures. It won’t be long until we can travel again. But in the meantime, browse these Instagram accounts with images so good you can imagine yourself there, ready for your next experience abroad.