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05 Nov 2021 Business Insights

How to Promote Winter Sun Holidays

Winter has replaced the summer, bringing to an end warmer weather and lighter evenings. While some people embrace the colder days and cosy nights, others ...

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22 Oct 2021 Business Insights

5 French Destinations to Promote to Travellers

With the red list now down to just a handful of countries, travel hasn’t looked this good for a long time. France is a country ...

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19 Oct 2021 Business Insights

How to Get Started With Social Media in the Travel Industry

Social media offers an effective and cost-efficient way to grow your customer base. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as creating an account on one of ...

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15 Oct 2021 Business Insights

How UGC Helps Travel Brands

User-generated content (UGC) is hardly a new marketing method, but its popularity has skyrocketed over the last 10-plus years. That’s because it’s perhaps the best ...

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08 Oct 2021 Business Insights

How to be a Flexible Travel Brand

Being a fluid and flexible business is the way forward, no matter which industry you operate in. But with travel becoming more accessible again after ...

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04 Oct 2021 Business Insights

How to Raise Money for Your Travel Brand

Despite a global pandemic, travel startups managed to raise an impressive $1.4bn during the peak of Covid. Even in turbulent times, it’s entirely possible to ...

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28 Sep 2021 Business Insights

5 Great Holiday Options for Your Customers

They say it’s all about location, location, location, but holidaymakers need options, options, options when it comes to travelling. That’s why travel brands offering a ...

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20 Sep 2021 Business Insights

How to Refresh Your Travel Brand Without Spending a Fortune

Every now and then you might decide the time is right to refresh your travel brand. This means a new logo, a new website, and ...

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10 Sep 2021 Business Insights

5 Italian Destinations to Promote to Your Customers

Italy is an all-time classic holiday destination for travellers, and that makes it a great place to promote to your customers. From fantastic city breaks ...

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06 Sep 2021 Business Insights

5 Spanish Destinations to Promote to Your Customers

Travel is back! And while there’s still traffic light systems, vaccinations and pre-boarding testing to navigate, it’s still better than no holidays at all. Holidaymakers ...

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27 Aug 2021 Business Insights

Social Media Marketing Trends for Travel Brands

In today’s world, traditional marketing methods almost seem niche. That’s in part down to the seismic rise of digital marketing, with mediums like social media ...

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20 Aug 2021 Business Insights · 5 min read

How Much Do Social Media Ads Cost for Travel Brands?

Three billion people using social media is both a gift and a curse. Travel marketers have almost half the planet to advertise to, but so ...

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13 Aug 2021 Business Insights

Everything Travel Brands Need to Know About Conversational Marketing

Many marketers suggest that conversational marketing is the fastest way to move customers through the sales funnel. And the stats back up the arguments: around ...

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06 Aug 2021 Business Insights

How to Incorporate Workshops into Your Travel Events

With restrictions lifted, the possibility of live travel conferences and events is back on the agenda. And combining a workshop with your conference is a ...

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30 Jul 2021 Business Insights

6 Way Travel Brands Can Get More Traction on Instagram

Instagram has cemented itself as one of the prime social media channels, with over one billion users spending an average of 53 minutes per day ...

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23 Jul 2021 Business Insights

How to Promote Private Tours to Your Customers

Tours and excursions have long been an essential part of travel. And in the wake of Covid, private travel tours have become more popular than ...

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16 Jul 2021 Business Insights

Where Should You Tell Your Customers to Visit This Year?

Confidence in travel is returning, with an increasing number of people getting vaccinated to protect them from Covid. It means that those with two shots ...

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09 Jul 2021 Business Insights

The Benefits of Promoting Lesser-Visited Destinations

Everyone wants to go to Spain, Portugal and Greece, but what about the lesser-known destinations? As a travel brand, you can appeal to a broader ...

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02 Jul 2021 Business Insights

How to Attract More Customers for Your Travel Brand

Running a travel brand is no easy feat, especially for anyone who has navigated the waters over the last 10 years or so. But with ...

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18 Jun 2021 Business Insights

Why Buy Now, Pay Later Will Help the Travel Industry Recover From Covid

A growing number of customers have changed their buying habits during the pandemic, opting for flexible finance options like buy now, pay later over traditional ...

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03 Jun 2021 Business Insights

5 Winning Sales and Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Brand

Millions of people are looking at summer holidays as we come out of lockdown. A successful vaccination rollout means Brits are booking holidays again, and ...

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20 May 2021 Business Insights

Why Communication is Key With Your Customers During the Traffic Light System

Travel is about to re-open again after the government gave the go-ahead just in time for the summer. It comes as a welcome relief for ...

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13 May 2021 Business Insights

How Can the Online Travel Industry Recover From Covid?

Online travel plays a key role in holidaymakers arranging and booking their vacations, but it suffered in 2020 as pandemic took over. Now, as we ...

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07 May 2021 Business Insights

Are Consumers Ready to Travel Again?

An increasing number of countries are opening their doors to travellers from the UK, and there’s genuine optimism that holidays abroad will be a reality ...

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22 Apr 2021 Business Insights

How Staycations Can Help the Travel Industry

With every dark cloud comes a silver lining. While the Covid crisis has affected international travel, it has also set off a staycation boom estimated ...

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15 Apr 2021 Business Insights

How to be a Sustainable Travel Brand

The year started with optimism, even though the UK went into a national lockdown in January. However, the vaccine rollout now means there’s an endgame ...

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08 Apr 2021 Business Insights

5 Ways to Simplify Your Customer’s Experience

Customers are becoming more expectant of the brands they interact with. Whether they’re searching for their favourite show on Netflix or booking a five-star beach ...

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01 Apr 2021 Business Insights

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Affect the Travel Industry

Talk of artificial intelligence (AI) still manages to conjure up images of robots and sci-fi movies set in dystopian futures. But the reality is strikingly ...

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25 Mar 2021 Business Insights

The Best Social Media Channels to Promote Your Travel Brand

With more than 3.5 billion people owning a social media account, having a strong presence across social networks is the right way forward for travel ...

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18 Mar 2021 Business Insights

How Flexible Payments Can Unlock Conscious Travel

Covid threw pretty much everything up in the air, except for aeroplanes, of course. But a successful vaccine rollout looks like it could mean we’re ...

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11 Mar 2021 Business Insights

How Can the Travel Industry Win Back Tourists?

The UK government has released a roadmap out of lockdown, and it could mean holidays abroad from as early as May. The end is in ...

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04 Mar 2021 Business Insights

How will Brexit affect the travel industry?

If navigating the effects of a worldwide pandemic wasn’t enough, the travel industry has also found itself having to steer the ship during Brexit. Regardless ...

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25 Feb 2021 Business Insights

How to Organise Travel Events During and After Covid

Before Covid kicked in, professionals across the globe developed a taste for business travel. Navigating from one country to another, they would attend networking event ...

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18 Feb 2021 Business Insights

Six of the Best Tools for Travel Brands

Everyone needs their trusty tools to do the best job possible, whether you’re a handyman, baker or work in the digital sphere. But what are ...

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11 Feb 2021 Business Insights

Is Your Business Ready for Pent-Up Travel Demand?

Holidays seem like a long way off for travellers at the moment. Everyone’s rooted to the ground, and one lockdown follows the next. But the ...

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04 Feb 2021 Business Insights

10 Reasons Why Travel Will Come Back Stronger Than Ever

Things don’t look too good right now, but there is an end in sight with increased vaccine distribution. And that means new travel opportunities so ...

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28 Jan 2021 Business Insights

2021 Trends for Travel Businesses and Merchants

At the end of each year, the travel sector looks ahead to the next 12 months and predicts trends that will help innovate the industry. ...

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21 Jan 2021 Business Insights

Flexible checkouts: How to increase sales and remove friction with Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy now, pay later became one of the primary retail stories during Covid. Consumers used the method as an alternative to credit cards with high-interest ...

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21 Jan 2021 Business Insights

How the travel industry can grow through innovation in 2021

The travel industry has seen its fair share of challenges over the last fifty-or-so years, yet it has always bounced back stronger. And while 2020 ...

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