10 Sep 2021 Business Insights

5 Italian Destinations to Promote to Your Customers

Italy is an all-time classic holiday destination for travellers, and that makes it a great place to promote to your customers. From fantastic city breaks to beachside holidays and majestic islands, the country really does have a little bit of everything for all types of holidaymakers. In this guide, we’ve pulled together five fantastic destinations to highlight to your customers and get them to hit the “book” button on your website. 🤌🤌🤌

1) Rome ⛲

Rome is still one of the most visited destinations in Italy, and it’s a city that should be high up on your list when promoting Italian holidays to customers. From trips to the Vatican to spending a few hours in the Colosseum, there’s so many historical landmarks and culture to take in here. Then there’s Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as great restaurants and a buzzy atmosphere. Rome sees nine million visitors each year, and with so much culture and history, it’s easy to see why.

2) Amalfi Coast 🌅

Tell your customers about the awe-inspiring scenery awaiting them on the Amalfi Coast. From the striking houses that peer over domineering cliffs to the pretty towns and villages with rows and rows of celebrated views, a trip here is one that will live with your customers forever. There’s plenty of culture to soak up, whether you’re spending time in the cliffside village of Positano or are taking a boat to the grand island of Capri. And if you offer car rental, don’t forget to tell them about the stunning drives along the Amalfi Coast with its winding roads and fantastic vistas.

3) Venice 🚣

Venice is the one for couples looking for a romantic getaway. This enchanting city is filled with famous canals and majestic buildings that help ramp the romance levels up a notch or two. Venice’s allure makes it one of the most popular destinations in Italy, but you can still encourage those looking for a quiet escape to book – there’s always a peaceful square hiding somewhere around the city.

4) The Lakes 🌊

Italy has some of the most stunning scenery in Europe, with its luscious lakes leading the way for picturesque sights. The Italian lakes have proved popular as holiday destinations ever since Roman times. They form some of the best landscapes in Europe, especially around Como and Garda, where the southern foothills of the Alps merge with the Mediterranean. Whether your customers are looking for deep-blue waters at Lake Orta or glamorous hotels and outlandish villas along Lake Como, a trip to the lakes offers tourists the chance to see Italy in all of its aesthetical glory

5) Tuscany 🌳

Beauty and quality await your customers in Tuscany, whether they’re visiting the historic towns or driving along to the backdrop of sweeping scenery in the countryside. Along with places like Florence, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo and Lucca, smaller hilltowns such as San Gimignano and Cortona are well worth a visit. But it really is the landscape that captures the imagination in Tuscany, with vineyards and rolling greens offering some of the best sights in Europe.

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Bellissimo Italy 

With travel restrictions easing, Italy will again be high up on the list of many people’s holiday destinations. By promoting the best of the country to your customers, you can get them to book trips and travel with confidence as they discover Italy’s diverse and beautiful landscape.