Covid-19 customer update

Booking cancellations due to quarantine: you can cancel or amend your booking, but please be advised that you may not be entitled to a refund, and additional charges may apply (as governed by the terms and conditions of your booking). Cancelling your booking will not affect your credit agreement, and you will still be required to repay any outstanding balances on your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How do I use Fly Now Pay Later?

    There are different ways to use Fly Now Pay Later:

    1. Download the app

      Downloading the app, you will have access to the virtual credit card
      with your credit limit to be added in any Travel Brand at your choice.

    2. With our partners:

      Online: Select Fly Now Pay Later as your payment method when
      checking out at any one of our merchant’s websites.

      Via the phone in-store: Contact anyone of our merchant’s via phone
      or in-store and ask to pay using Fly Now Pay Later.

  • What is required to have a Fly Now Pay Later account?

    To apply for a Fly Now Pay Later account, you must:

    1. Be at least 18 years of age.
    2. Be a resident of the United Kingdom.
    3. Have a UK Mobile Phone.
    4. Have a payment card registered to the same address as detailed in your application.
  • How long does it take to apply?

    A Fly Now Pay Later application can be made in just a few minutes. We’ll perform a credit check and provide you with an instant credit decision in just a few seconds.

  • Are there any interest charges or fees associated with using Fly Now Pay Later?

    Depending on the product type, a transaction fee or interest charges may apply. Please check your credit agreement for more information. We may also request a small deposit on selected bookings.

  • Can I change or cancel my booking?

    Cancellations and booking amendments are possible however please be advised that additional charges will apply as governed by the terms and conditions of your booking.

    In the event of booking cancellation, you will still be required to settle any outstanding balance on your Fly Now Pay Later account. To request a cancellation or booking amendment, please contact

  • Why can't customers outside the UK use Fly Now Pay Later?

    Fly Now Pay Later is currently only available to UK residents. We will be expanding the service to other territories very soon.

  • What can I book using Fly Now Pay Later?

    The Fly Now Pay Later service can be used to book flights, hotels, package holidays, car hire or any other travel related product (with the exception of rail tickets).

  • What happens if my application is declined?

    If we are unable to offer you a Fly Now Pay Later account, we will immediately notify you and confirm the reason via email.

  • Why was I asked to verify my identity?

    If we have difficulty confirming your identity during the application process, you may need to provide a copy of your passport or driving licence. We take these steps to prevent fraud and protect our account holders.

  • What happens if the price of my booking has changed?

    Please revisit your travel website and head to the payment page. Select the Fly Now Pay Later button follow by “I already have an account”, the system will then automatically handle this process.

  • When will I receive my booking confirmation?

    Your travel provider will send your booking confirmation as soon as the booking process is fully completed. In the event you have not received your booking confirmation please contact us on

  • Why isn’t the Fly Now Pay Later option visible on my travel provider’s payment page?

    In the event that your booking is not eligible, the Fly Now Pay Later payment option will not be visible. Please contact us on for further assistance.

  • Can I pay for someone else's travel if I'm the account holder?

    Yes of course, the account holder does not need to be the passenger. Please note that the account holder will still be responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of the credit agreement.


  • I’m supposed to be travelling soon, but there’s been a warning not to travel to my destination. What should I do?

    The UK Foreign office has advised against all travel to several countries and regions until further notice therefore we recommend you cancel your plans if you’re due to travel in the next few weeks. We don’t know how long these advisories will last, but you can check the foreign office website for updates. You should get a full refund from your airline or travel company if your flight is cancelled, or if you’re forced to cancel because the Foreign Office advises against travel. You won’t be entitled to any compensation though because a pandemic is considered an extraordinary circumstance.

  • What should I do if my departure is in 2 weeks or later?

    We would kindly ask you to not contact us at the moment and wait for the cancellation process to take place while we are focusing on processing the most urgent requests and changes. All cases are handled by our dedicated support team and they will reach out to you as soon as there are any updates to share.

  • My connecting flight was cancelled due to the coronavirus, am I entitled to a refund?

    If your flight starts or ends in the UK, or an EU country, your airline should reroute you or refund your full fare.

  • I’m stuck abroad because my flights, and all other flights home, have been cancelled. What do I do?

    The airline you booked with has a duty to rebook you on another flight or a ‘rescue’ flight, or help you organise travel home.

    If your airline just isn’t helping you, or you can’t get in touch with them, there are a few things you can also do:

    • If you’re on a package holiday, or you booked through a travel agent, get in touch with them. They should be able to advise you further and possibly book alternative travel for you.
    • Check to see if your travel insurance will cover alternative travel costs and any extra accommodation you might need.

    Did you book flights only, direct with the airline, and haven’t got travel insurance? You might have to organise and pay for alternative travel and accommodation yourself. You can also try and get in touch with the British consulate in the country you’re visiting for advice.

  • I’m due to travel abroad soon but I’m worried about catching the virus. Can I cancel my travel plans?

    Unless the Foreign Office has officially warned against travel, you probably won’t be able to get a refund if you decide to cancel. There’s no harm in contacting your airline or travel company to ask though – some are being more flexible at the moment. If you were due to travel through a significantly affected country on a connecting flight, contact the airline or travel agent you booked with. You should be able to get rerouted.

  • Should I be worried about booking a holiday?

    We know that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing uncertainty and the situation is changing daily.

    We’re monitoring things closely and our highly experienced teams are in contact with health authorities and government agencies around the world to ensure we are following all the very latest advice.

    We would never operate a holiday unless it was safe to do so and if travel restrictions are implemented to the destination you’re travelling to, rest assured we’ll offer you a free amendment or a full refund.

  • Countries are introducing entry restrictions and enhanced screening procedures – will this affect me?

    Some countries are not permitting entry to travellers who have visited certain destinations within 14 days of their arrival. To find out which countries are included check the Government website. Should any restrictions directly apply to you or members of your party then speak to your travel company to discuss your options.

  • There are a number of public areas and attractions that have been closed in the destination that I am travelling to – can I get a refund if I cancel my holiday?

    If excursions or attractions that are included in the price of your holiday are closed — and this significantly changes your package holiday or impacts your overall experience — then you might be entitled to a refund. You should speak to your travel company to discuss your options and see if you’re eligible for a refund.

Account Questions

  • Can I reuse my Fly Now Pay Later account?

    Once your outstanding balance has been settled, you can reuse your Fly Now Pay Later account time and time again.

  • When will my bill be due?

    Your first monthly payment will be due (Due Date) one calendar month from the date your account was created. Subsequent bills will be due on the same day each month.

    We will create your bill 7 days prior to your due date (Billing Date) and send you an email notification confirming the amount and due date each month.

    Should you wish to amend your due date, please contact

  • How can I update my payment details?

    Simply visit and select the settings tab.

  • How can I contact Fly Now Pay Later?

    1. Email:

    2. Telephone:

      Existing account holders can contact us via phone as detailed within your credit agreement.

    3. Online:

      Existing account holders can use the instant chat function found in the portal after logging in.

  • How do you collect my monthly repayment?

    We use continuous payment authority (CPA) to take payments automatically on the repayment date from the registered card on your account. However, if you would prefer to make the payment manually, you can do so by visiting

  • If I make more than one payment in a month and/or make an early payment would that be reflected on my next month bill?

    You will still need to repay your monthly balance even if an early/extra payment has been made. The re adjustment will figure on your last bill.

  • How long does it take to get my money back in the event of a refund?

    Depending on your card issuer, the funds will be credited back to your account within 48 hours.

  • A payment has been processed but my application is incomplete

    We use pre-authorised payments which means that if your application is incomplete this payment will be pending. We will automatically cancel this pre-authorisation if you decide not to go ahead with your booking.

  • Can I change my repayment date?

    Yes, you can however conditions apply. You can ask us to change your repayment date however If your due date is in the next 7 days, the change can’t take effect until the following month.

  • How can I update my mobile phone number on my account?

    Please log in to and visit the settings tab.

    In the event that you do not have access to your previous phone number, please send an email to including a confirmation of your current and new number plus a copy of your driver’s licence or passport.

  • How do I report fraud on one of my accounts?

    Contact us urgently if you think that your account or card has been subject to fraud.

  • How can I make a complaint?

    Please email
    If you want to write to us, please use the address detailed within your credit agreement. Click here to download our Complaints Policy.

General Questions

  • What to do when a customer has been declined?

    The customer had a negative marker against his credit score, Fly Now Pay later are not informed of the details of this but it may be worth to advise the customer to check with the credit reference agency directly. The customer will also receive a notification informing him that he has been declined for an account. Also, please remind the customer that he will have the option to apply again for an account with us after 30 days.

  • Why is the Fly Now Pay Later button not displayed?

    In order to use Fly Now Pay Later the booking value should not be below £250 and not exceed £3000. We will also need a minimum of 7 days between the application date and the departure date of the customer.

  • How are monthly repayments taken?

    Customers think that we use direct debit to process their monthly repayment, but we use Continuous payment authority (CPA). They should always be reminded that they have the possibility to make their repayment by logging in to their online account. If the customer fails to make his payment on time the system will automatically apply a late payment charge of £12.

  • What to do if a customer needs to change their card details?

    Customers can update their card details online via our website: Alternatively, they can also contact one of our advisers on 02033222996.

  • What to do if a customer needs to cancel their booking?

    We advise customers that they will be required to contact their travel provider directly to process a cancellation. We also inform them that cancellation fees and charges are likely to apply which they should also take into consideration. If a cancellation tax refund is applicable we will credit the sum directly to the customer’s Fly Now Pay Later account. Please note that following a refund the customers will still be liable to settle their account with us. Please note that they can also cancel their agreement with Fly Now Pay Later within the 14 days cooling off period as stated on their credit agreement. They will need to make a full repayment of the sum borrowed within 30 days to get their transaction fee refunded in full.

  • What to do if a customer decides to change their travel dates?

    If a booking amendment is made the admin charge will need to be paid directly to the merchant. We will only request for an email to be sent to confirming the changes. The same applies for any other amendments.

  • What to do if the customer’s bank card does not pass our bank account check?

    Please be aware that we do not support Visa Electron and American Express, the customer will need to use a UK debit or credit card. You will also need to make sure that the payment address added to the customer’s registered card is correct.

  • Does the account holder need to be travelling?

    Not necessarily, the account holder can pay for someone’s else travel without any problem as long as the card is registered under the account holder’s name.

  • What do to if the customer wants to repay his balance in full earlier than expected?

    Customers can settle their balance or make extra payments at any time and no extra charges will apply. Once their account has been settled they will be able to immediately open another account.

General Questions

  • How do I fill out the guarantor application?

    Once the applicant has filled out their part of the application, you will be forwarded a guarantor application link whereby we will request some basic information. As part of our checks before confirming the booking, we look to make sure the guarantor is financially stable and hasn’t had trouble paying back their bills in the past.

  • How long until my guarantor is contacted about a missed payment?

    If your payment is not received on the due date, we will notify both you and your guarantor as soon as we are aware. We will always try to resolve the situation with you first.

    We need to keep the guarantor updated of any plans we make with you to ensure that they are aware of the state of the account.

    If we're unable to come to a resolution we will let your guarantor know and attempt payment from them once the account is behind by 15 days. This prevents the account from falling further behind, the arrears increasing and the loan term extending. We’ll only ever ask your guarantor to pay in line with their agreement and in the best interests of you both.

  • I can't find a guarantor, what should I do?

    A suitable guarantor is someone who is aged 18-75, hasn't had trouble paying their bills in the past, and who can afford to make the monthly payments if you don't (for example, a passenger, friend or family member).

    Although they do not have to be a homeowner, it may increase the possibility of us accepting them as your guarantor if they do own their own home.

  • How does my guarantor sign the forms?

    We will text or email you a link to give to your guarantor. They can follow this link to fill in their details and sign the agreement form online.

  • How do I stop being a guarantor?

    If you want to stop being a guarantor, you would have to settle the account in full.

  • How to update a guarantor's details?

    Both the borrower and the guarantor can update their details when you log in to your account.

    It’s really important that you and your guarantor keep your contact and payment details up to date so we can notify you if anything changes or goes wrong.

  • Does the payment plan show up on the guarantor's credit file?

    The account does not display on the guarantor's credit file.

    As part of our underwriting checks, we look to make sure the guarantor is financially stable and hasn’t had trouble paying back their bills in the past.

    The only instance in which the guarantor could find their credit file and score affected is if both the borrower and the guarantor do not pay and we are forced to take court action. Where the court judges that the borrower or guarantor must pay and they still refuse, after 28 days the court will record the judgement on their file. This is called a County Court Judgment (CCJ).

  • Why was my guarantor declined?

    Don’t worry if your guarantor has been declined, you just need to find someone else to be your guarantor instead. As soon as you’ve found someone new you can send them an application link.

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