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Spread your wings.
And the cost.

Fly Now Pay Later is the hassle-free way to pay for travel. It makes your money go further ... so you can too.

See where you can book

Get away right away.

Book the holiday you want right now, and spread the cost over easy-to-manage instalments.

Repay early with no extra fees.

Scorchingly simple.

Forget paperwork, plastic and waiting for approval.

Just click our link when you check out at a partner site and get a decision in seconds.

Computer says yes.

We use travel and credit data to make intelligent lending decisions and say ‘yes’ to more travellers, more often.

Serious about security.

We do everything we can to keep your personal information and account safe.

We’re a UK-based firm and we’re fully regulated by the FCA.

With you on the journey.

We’re proud of our simple, easy-to-understand products and top-notch customer care.

You can manage your account online and get in touch with us whenever you want.

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Using the Fly Now Pay Later service is simple and easy, but you may have some questions before you start.

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