Welcome to Fly Now Pay Later! Take a dive into the features and processes of integrating the platform that offers your customers a new way to pay.

General Information

To start the integration process with Fly Now Pay Later you will need to have a merchant account which you can aquire by contacting the sales team. Once you have this please check that you can login to the Merchants Portal.

The Application Process

By Integrating the Fly Now Pay Later platform you are offering your customers an alternative way to pay for their booking. This is a loan however and as such the customer will have to be taken through a credit application. This is done using a form which is dynamically injected at the point of the user clicking the Checkout with Fly Now Pay Later button which you will integrate in the Client Side portion of this documentation.

Not all loans will be approved and therefore you will need to ensure that you handle the decline event which you will get notified of. In the event the application is successful and the client completes the Fly Now Pay Later process then you will need to request a Virtual Debit Card using a Server Side call to our vcard API endpoint.

Acceptable Booking Types

The Fly Now Pay Later service can be used on any travel related booking except where an e-ticket can not be issued such as rail journeys. Customers can use their account to book Flight, Hotel, Car Hire or any other travel related product.

Creating an App

Within the Merchants Portal you can create any number of 'apps' these are the functional blocks for displaying the Fly Now Pay Later button within your website.

Each 'app' has 2 modes Sandbox and Live. Each of theses modes carries a different Integration Key which is used for the initial Javascript include and also for the button <div> that you place in your HTML document.

Creating an 'app' is simple, just click the Add New App button within the Merchants Portal, give the 'app' a name, provide the host URL for the 'app' and then choose the default theme for the app.

nb. Themes will be added shortly and this documentation will be updated to describe the theme system

Once you have created your app you will be able to see the App Settings screen, this screen shows general information and the individual settings for both Sandbox and Live modes, with the ability to enable/disable them as required. for the purposes of the client side integration you will need to pay specific attention to the Domain and Integration Key fields.

Not a Developer?

A Fly Now Pay Later integration requires you to either be or hire a developer. If your business has not got access to this resource then Contact our Sales Team and they may be able to recommend one of our development partners to help you.