Lighten the load by spreading the cost of your trip

We charge a small, one off transaction fee at the time of booking your travel arrangement and spread the cost over free of interest monthly instalments that suit your budget. Use the slider below to find out what it will cost you. 76.50% Representative APR (Variable)

The cost of my trip is going to be about
Transaction fee of 0.00
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Flexible Repayments

Choose to pay over 2-10 free of interest monthly instalments that suit you or pay off your whole balance at anytime, for no extra cost.

Safe & Secure

Total protection in the unlikely event of financial failure by your travel provider. We'll ensure you're not out of pocket.

Fast & Easy

Signing up through our travel partners takes seconds and you'll never need to leave their payment page.

Not Another Card

Most travel providers charge up to 2% more when paying with a credit card. We'll help you avoid this additional cost and our terms are clearer.

How it Works


Find your holiday

Find your flight, hotel or holiday with any one of our travel partners.


Choose us at checkout

Select Fly Now Pay Later at the payment page.


Apply & Pay

Set up an account in under 60 seconds by providing some basic information, then pay.

Can I Apply?

To apply for Fly Now Pay Later you must…

Be over 18 years old

Be a resident of the United Kingdom

Have a UK mobile phone

Have a Debit Card registered to your address

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